Our Services

Web & Mobile Design

We strive to craft an experience for your users that is perfectly aligned with how you want them to perceive your brand.

Corporate Image

We create all of the graphics that your company or business needs, from business cards to your company logo and product labels.

Ecommerce Shop

Para empresas que desean un sitio web de Comercio electrónico atractivo y eficaz para competir con los grandes minoristas en línea establecidos.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. We can also create a progressive web application that looks and feels like a mobile application.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Es hora de conseguir más visitas para venderles y convertirlos en clientes. Nuestro objetivo es poner a su alcance el Marketing Digital que hará crecer su negocio online.

Creative Ideas

Contrary to what most might believe, branding is actually an enjoyable process when you’ve got a professional branding team to work with. Your online presence starts with defining your brand, and a compelling brand experience will always resonate with customers.

Premium Features

One of the most important parts of any project is the planning needed to make it a success.

The right experience and designs can guarantee success for your company. Partnering with Socrates Live Ideas allows you to avoid all kinds of problems, expenses and headaches that only Digital Agencies with a comprehensive approach can help.